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Authentic service provision
At Quay and Co we pride ourselves in upholding the integrity and genuine commitment to service. We ensure our team bring their authentic professional self to achieve excellence in service delivery. Everyone in our Quay and Co community must hold strong values and respectful views for the individuals and families we work with.
Innovative flair
Out of the box thinking and innovation is a must when working in human services. We believe there is no one size fits all to achieve positive goals and outcomes. Our innovative approach is applied in all domains of service offerings with the reputation for being practical and ethical. Innovation brings excellences and continues to improve standards for our community.
Inclusive and connected
A sense of belonging, connectedness and to be truly included is essential to feeling life’s balance. Our approach is relational and connected when working with our Quay and Co community. This approach is not only for individuals, children and families but is evident when working with our community partners. Our vision is to create positive influence and cause a Quay and Co ripple effect where our team is present.
Therapeutic and healing approach
A therapeutic and healing environment is one we aim to achieve through our work. This may be in various forms through establishing and strengthening relationships, creating opportunities for development and engagement, positive experiences and activities, and understanding the need to ensure our work is trauma informed, healing and therapeutic.

Quay and Co acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.